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Training Programme

“There is no art, no science, no craft, no knowledge, which is not in Natya”
Thus spoke Bharata more than 2000 years ago in his monumental work the ‘Natyasastra’ which describes the principles of Natya or Performing Arts.

“We cannot teach people anything; we can only help them discover it within themselves.”
This is from Galileo Galilei 

Albeit the fact that scholars are in search of historical evidence of a person called Bharata and Galileo's discoveries were disregarded in medieval Europe, the art of movement and expression continues to be experiential knowledge, which enfolds through practice. The training programme at the Academy is therefore derived from Bharata's understanding.

  1. Angika: Articulation through the body.
    Discover the power of each Anga or body part in movement, the power in the kinetic chains, in gesture and mime.
  2. Vachika: Verbal Expression, spoken and sung.
    Learn to convert spoken expression, songs, poetry to body language.
  3. Satvika: From within.
    What experiences, emotions and innermost feelings does dance help express?


Rajyashree Ramesh, klassischer indischer Tanz