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Upcoming Events 2017
January 8th, 16h:
Next series of modular classes for Beginners and Advanced Beginners begin at Global Music Academy Berlin. For details:
January 18th:
Launch of Trans-cultural Movement Studies Certification "From Bharata to Bartenieff" in Bengaluru India.
January 29th:
Solo performance with Live-Music at Nadaneerajanam event, Tirupathi, India
2nd - 10th February:
Phase 1- Introductory Course of 'From Bharata to Bartenieff' Movement Studies Programme in Bengalure, India in collaboration with Natya Institute of Kathak and Choreography. For details of Certification Programme click here.
April 29th:
Open Day with Dance and Music of South Asia at Global Music Academy Berlin.




Rajyashree Ramesh, klassischer indischer Tanz