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Current Courses

Based on the experiences in the last three decades of a) training professional dancers of both European and Indian origin b) courses and workshops for children, adults, seniors, diverse professionals, c) an ongoing quest for implementing new methodologies that effectively transmit the Indian concept of aesthetics in movement and expression and d) encouraged by the progress and feedback of audiences, course and workshop participants (read more) culminating in a decade of movement studies and research, 2011 will see the implementation of several courses on a regular basis, structured into general and master classes, addressing the individual needs of various target groups. Apart from weekly master classes for those training in the classical dance styles, there will be several regular open classes and intensive workshops in the diverse aspects of movement and expression, where a multi-route approach will continue to encourage aspirants at all levels and from diverse backgrounds in their personal growth, whether for personal or professional reasons


Rajyashree Ramesh, klassischer indischer Tanz