Andhra Prabha, Vijayawada, 13-02.02

That a person born and brought up in India would practise and master the vedic art forms to a high degree of perfection is in itself a blessing. What is even more creditable and worthy of acclaim is the fact that, in spite of leaving for foreign countries, there are individuals who have nurtured, fostered and furthered our traditions and heritage. Someone who has been treading this extraordinary path and spreading the distinctiveness and uniqueness of Bharatanatyam in Germany is the danseuse Rajyashree Ramesh ... she has been serving the cause of Natyam with dedication and distinction. Rajyashree accompanied by her pupils presented a delightful and enjoyable programme. In today’s dance recital she received wide acclaim from all connoisseurs of Bharatanatyam for every single item she presented. Her items were characterised by praiseworthy Abhinaya sampada (expressive tradition) and turned out to be major highlights greeted with thunderous applause from the audience.