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As a dancer and Certified Laban/Bartenieff Movement Analyst, Rajyashree Ramesh has taken her dance knowledge and in-depth study of the intricacies of human movement into academic research. The unique and extensive cross-disciplinary analysis of the theory and practice of Natya, the Indian performing arts tradition, from the perspectives of linguistic gesture studies, cognitive linguistics, brain research on emotions and movement studies, has opened up new ground for the potential performing arts holds as a movement discipline both in practice and for research. In unveiling the very nature of innermost movement, the research thus instantiated, sheds light on how and in what ways specifically movement practices such as dance theater are of relevance, not only for performance, movement education or therapy, but also for discussions on meaning, embodiment and body-brain processes in varied research fields of research from a bottom-up perspective.

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Rajyashree Ramesh, klassischer indischer Tanz